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  The Facilities you have when you stay with us at Jandra.

Contact Us During your Stay
You can contact us by calling the team on FREECALL 1800 623 068 (press line “1” first to get an outside line).

If it is after hours, you will have the option to call through to our emergency after hours contact.

In an emergency please call “000” to call the police, ambulance or fire.

Food and Beverage

Woody’s Café and Conference Centre  is located at the All Australian Journeys depot in Thornton and can prepare your meals fresh for your stay– option to include them in your online payment is on the Bookings Page. The meals can be pre-ordered (either Dinner or Breakfast & Dinner) will be delivered to your room prior to 5pm each day. They are open from 7am – 2:30pm Monday to Friday, with deliveries available from 10.30am – 2pm.


Each unit has its own bathroom. There is also:
•a bar fridge
•phone for local calls
•hair dryer
•Iron/ironing board
•free parking

Free Wifi
Free Wireless Internet Connection is available.
Please access with the following information:
User Name: Guest or Jandra (you can use either one). No password is required.

Native Wild Life Rules
There are lots of native birds and animals at our property, including our resident mob of kangaroos. We have also seen echidnas, and a variety of rosellas, major Mitchell cockatoos, kookaburras and magpies.

Please do not feed the animals as they are truly wild and we do not want them to become a pest or dangerous to our guests.

If you sit at any of the chairs or benches outside you can easily watch them without disturbing them and get some great photos.

Smoking Inside Rooms
For the comfort of all our guests, our rooms are no smoking.

Smoking Outside
There is an ashtray on the table outside the units, which you may use.

Please ensure your door is closed when smoking outside.

Additional charges may occur if your room requires additional cleaning on departure or there is loss or damage to the room or equipment during your stay.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about our Environmentally Friendly Water & Power


Living in a rural area is a little different, when it comes to water. We are not on mains water, and rely on rain water for our water.

We would appreciate your assistance if you notice any taps or washers or toilet cisterns that may be malfunctioning and wasting water.

Professionals regularly clean our tanks and the water is safe to drink.

Power Failures

If we have a power failure (a “blackout”), we will lose the water supply, as pumps are required to pump the water around the property, and to the rooms.

If this (infrequent) event does happen, please turn off all taps.


All of our waste water is reticulated and used on our gardens, and we ask that nothing other than toilet paper be flushed down the toilet.

A bin and feminine hygiene bags are provided in the bathroom for these products.

What to turn off before you venture out for the day.

Before you venture out for the day, we would also appreciate it if you can turn off:
•All lights

When you leave your room.

We have solar panels on the roof which contribute to our environmentally friendly property, harnessing the free, clean energy from the sun, and feeding it back into Australia’s energy grid.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

: 02 4923 5923
    Hours: 9am to 5pm
    Email: jandra@aaj.com.au
    Address: 3 Woodfoord Place, Thornton, NSW.